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Sadaharu | Punishment In Hi Fi | review | hardcore | Lollipop


Punishment In Hi-Fi (Universal Warning)
by Adrian Bromley

Spastic. Out of control. Unstable. Those are but a few words I'd use to describe the latest offering from Lancaster, Pennsylvania natives Sadaharu. On the CD cover, as a sub-header, it proudly boasts "An audio boxing match in which the listener is the loser" - fitting and oh so true. With a hankering for hardcore/noisecore screams and rhythms, Sadaharu does the time in said style and does it well (check out "This Modern Day Disaster"), but also rocks out with a real cool, eclectic rock vibe (think a disoriented Led Zeppelin). Weird, for sure, but like anything in life, if you stare long enough, it'll all start to make sense.
(733 Lake Drive Douglassville, PA 19518)  

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