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Rise Against | Revolutions Per Minute | review | punk | rock | Lollipop

Rise Against

Revolutions Per Minute (Fat)
by Adrian Bromley

Over the last few years, I've grown tired of a lot of the punk rock bands out there. Everyone seems to be singing all this smarmy, cutesy pop/punk rock (yeah, I'm looking at you, New Found Glory!) and it makes me sick. It all sounds cliché and formulaic. That said, I'm pleased to announce that Rise Against has once again piqued my interest in this genre - or maybe I'll just play this record for the next few years and consider it to be the only punk rock album in existence. Songs like "Heaven Knows" and "Voices Off Camera" remind me a bit of the melodic aura that Coheed And Cambria bring to their music, and I dig that. Rise Against are melodic punk with an edge, and for that I salute them!
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