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Puny Human

It's not the Heat it's the Humanity (Small Stone)
by Brian Varney

Mark another tick in the "win" column for Small Stone with this fine Puny Human release. Following the debut gut-kick of Revenge Is Easy is a monolith which kicks the sophomore jinx in the ass, just as it kicks yours. Fine as the debut was, It's Not the Heat... improves in every manner upon it, stripping away the scant traces of hardcore and the slightly astringent quirkiness that bobbed to the surface. The rock is brought forth just as mightily, but some of the rougher edges have been filed away, resulting in a smoother finish. Some of this is thanks to J. Yuenger's excellent production, and the rest is because the band's songwriting has grown significantly during these last two years, resulting in brutal, tightly-constructed slabs like "Greasin' the Wheel."

Axe-slinger Josh Diamond's six-string work is as superb as ever, while his brother Jason's busy, frustrated-guitar-player bass work rams things along nicely with the help of the kit-punishing bashings of drummer and MTV veejay Iann Robinson. Atop it all, more the focus than ever - thanks in part to the production but mostly to the newly vocal-centric songs - is lead singer and Michael Gross-lookalike Jim Starace, who bellows with such force that his throat should, by all human standards, simply give out after three minutes or so. A single pass through "Kill You in the Face" will send you in search of a Sucret.

Just in case you don't have any issues of Leg Art handy for visual accompaniment, the boys in the band have beat you to it and sheathed this bad boy in a fantastic faux-'70s exploitation movie-poster cover, all stylishly-rendered scantily-clad women with guns. It's the perfect ribbon on a damn impressive package, the sorta thing you wanna lob in the face of every "rock is dead" dummy you meet [aside from a handfulla knuckles -ed.] , so make sure you keep a supply of 10-20 copies on hand at all times to pelt non-believers.
(PO Box 02007 Detroit, MI 48202)

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