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Lovely 32 (Noisome)
by Lauren Bussard

Aww, they're from Kansas. And they write cute songs. But I don't mean cute in a vomit-all-over-myself-when-are-these-girly-boys-gonna-grow-some-balls sorta way - more like wow-these-songs-make-me-feel-like-a-drunk-teenager-in-love-all-over-again. The beginning of the album starts out a little slow with the annoying Soul Asylum sound of "Hop A Ride," but by track three ("Signed, Missing You") they're doing a very pop-inspired imitation of The Get Up Kids, and it sounds amazing. Podstar's melodies are - like all good emo-inspired pop-rock - achingly beautiful, but catchy enough to get stuck in your head all day and make you enjoy it. As an added bonus, they incorporate enough energetic guitar rock to let you know that they can actually play their instruments. When I first read their bio, I was all set to make fun of them for dropping out of college to do the whole "band thing" full-time (I figured I'd leave their vaguely phallic band name alone and just chuckle immaturely to myself, hee hee). But now that I've actually heard the album, I think they have a good shot. Lovely 32 is a wonderfully cute record - but cute with balls.
(PO Box 3570 Lawrence, KS 66046)

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