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Knuckle Sandwich | Nice | review | hardcore | punk | Lollipop

Knuckle Sandwich

Nice (Resurrection A.D.)
by Adrian Bromley

Never been a fan of bands with really hoaky names like this - but then again, I do own some Bitch and Anal Cunt albums on vinyl. That said, Knuckle Sandwich are good at what they do, playing catchy, chorus-filled numbers fueled by punk, hardcore, and hard rock ideals. Nice has good production and that really helps enhance the strong lead and backup vocals from song to song, giving each song its own identity. I can imagine the crowd this band draws dancing around, fists in the air, singing along to such songs as "Sucker" and "Show Me the Rock." I wish I was in a band...
(PO Box 763 Red Bank, NJ 07701)  

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