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Kicked In The Head | Salita | review | hardcore | punk | Lollipop

Kicked In The Head

Salita (Resurrection A.D.)
by Adrian Bromley

No doubt someone saw potential in this punk/DIY/hard rock act and scooped them up right away. Smart move, as Boston's Kicked In The Head are very talented musicians with a knack for writing great harmonies and dishing out some great melodic choruses (check out opener "All The Way" and "Delilah"). I want to say mid-era Nirvana, old Cheap Trick, and even such current bands as Jimmy Eats World to kind of give you an idea of the band's strong grasp of harmonies, but those references might give you the wrong impression, so keep those ideas in your head and just think big, swirling harmonies with a gritty, sharpened guitar attack and solid rhythm section. Got it? Good! Kicked In The Head is one of the many good acts playing the Boston circuit these days.
(PO Box 763 Red Bank, NJ 07701)


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