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In Control | Truth Hurts | review | hardcore | Lollipop

In Control

The Truth Hurts (Indecision)
by Adrian Bromley

California hardcore act In Control are hardcore by nature, but are also hard at work bringing a sort of punk rock ethic to their drive and delivery. As much as I like the band's music, I find the punk attitude/style kind of takes away from their hardcore stance. It seems to ruffle the hardcore edge the band musters up with simplicity. Granted, the band hails from an area over-populated by punk rock bands and possibly devised a plan to add those styles into their music to land more local gigs, but the fact is that the music suffers from toning things down to add in a catchy chorus here or there. Good for a few spins, but something I'll avoid, given the other good CDs I get in the mail on a weekly basis.
(PO Box 6052 Garden Grove, CA 92846)


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