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Frost Like Ashes | Pure As The Blood Covered Snow | review | metal | Lollipop

Frost Like Ashes

Pure As The Blood Covered Snow (Sounds of the Dead)
by Scott Hefflon

Ah, good ol' Kansas black metal... Facepaint and shrieks, frantic drumming, sawing guitars, and the necro-style switched up with a real Testament thrash groove. Cool, cheap-ass production cover-ups (the mark of an ingenius band, if not one that's always in perfect sync), I actually don't even know what some of the clatter is that's going on, but it's an evil pleasure, like hearing metal trash cans tumbling down a windy street, denting yuppy scum's BMWs with every glorious crash. Props for a speedfreak thrash-out of Black Sabbath "After Forever" (from Masters of Reality), done in a way that'd make Cradle of Filth proud. Only three songs, a cover, and a bonus demo track (wonderfully messy and shitty sounding).
(1906 N.W. 38th Dr. Gainsville, FL 32605)

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