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Favorite Atomic Hero | Who Will Save You Now | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Favorite Atomic Hero

Who Will Save You Now? (Lonesome)
by Emily Joyce

Favorite Atomic Hero is all about the production of their melodies. Their lyric construction is not the best, consisting of very simple rhymes and repetitions about life, women, and being labeled. But their production is commendable. The catchy, radio-friendly sound is borderline modern rock, except for the high usage of Moogs and keyboards. Favorite Atomic Hero incorporate "guest spots" in most songs, from an extra Moog in "Rocket," to a guitar solo in "She," to back-up vocals in "Wake Up." Their heavy use of keyboards and guitar power cords adds a surroundsound effect to every song.
(PO Box 15297 Boston, MA 02215)  

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