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Scratching At The Surface (Inside Out)
by Scott Hefflon

Living in Boston, I've developed a real animosity toward Berklee musicians... So much technique, so much rigid schooling, so little passion (and let's not get into the snobbery and elitism). So hearing that Event are Berklee grads and into King's X isn't exactly grounds for surprise. Luckily, they also know and respect (but sound nothing like) Meshuggah, and while Metallica can say the same thing until they're blue in the face, a young band who admires both Queensrÿche and Meshuggah and can rip on their instruments might be worth a listen... Maybe. Event is definitely the coolest band on InsideOut (well, Evergrey, but they're Swedish, so of course they're cool). They play modern rock, are slickly produced, with lots of electronic clutter in the mix, no textbook soloing, no warbling falsetto, just melodic hard rock, like Stone Temple Pilots and Filter usta play, albeit with more complicated "musician-y/proggy" shit thrown in. Something about the vocals reminds me of Spacehog, but that could just be wishful thinking. Great for people into Living Colour who can't find any decent hard rock on the radio anymore.
(1601 Banksville Rd. 2nd Fl. Pittsburgh, PA 15216)

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