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DC To Daylight | Xmas Murder 74 | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

DC To Daylight

Xmas Murder '74 (Urban Cheese)
by Craig Regala

19 minute excursion into what maybe the beginning of the retro '90s. Which is hard to do because the big ol' touch-point of the previous decade - Nirvana -- lives on in radioland, and by their enormous and immediate influence on the last ten years. So, DC to Daylight need to prune away the Bush fallout and hit the essence of what was up during that time, the value of it rather than the obvious commercial application of it. Xmas Murder '74, isn't "heavy" or "loud" or "extreme" or any of the other faux values that get chopped and channelled into ad-speak. It's rock songs that use chiming, humming, power pop, garage sonics, "new wave"-era revamped mid-'60isms (say, Pixies, Dramarama), a little indie scampery (let's tag Guided By Voices and Eric's Trip for that), and some of the sweat of Mr. Cobain's brow as their language. Nothing wrong with that.

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