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Creeper Lagoon

Remember the Future (The Arena Rock Recording Co.)
by Tim Den

I don't know what shocked me more, the fact that Creeper Lagoon survived the commercial failure (but creative zenith) of Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday, or that the band has reassembled an entirely new line-up in order to do so. I must say, the prospect of Creeper Lagoon without guitarist/frontman Ian Sefchick was unimaginable indeed, but - fortunate for us diehard fans - band spiritual leader/that-other-guitarist/vocalist Sharky Laguana has piloted his rebirthed creation beautifully into a new era. One that's eeriely familiar, for sure, as Remember the Future echoes earlier works such as I Become Small and Go, but an achingly heartfelt one nontheless. In tracks such as opener "So Little to Give," Laguana spills his guts in "I'm asking a lot for someone who's got so little to give;" sentiments just oozing with defeat and resignation. Who can blame the guy? Creeper Lagoon's tumultous ride through the majors hasn't exactly left a trail of success and under-publicized fiascos. Cut the guy some slack!

Packed to the gills with the kind of disappointment only the music industry can deal a human being, Remember the Future is a lilting personal diary of indecision and failure, dressed up in home recording-intimacy that only reinforces its themes. And don't think that Laguana can't deliver the bittersweet melodies without Sefchick: "The Way it Goes" ranks up there as one of the band's best ever. Laguana's softly whispered low tenor, drinking itself into piano arpeggios and cheap acoustic guitars, wafting through shallow waters of broken electronic beats... these are images of songs so warm, so soothing yet so bleak, that you can't help but put it side by side with Nick Drake.

Rumor has it that Laguana has even begun to teach his new band Creeper Lagoon's back catalog. Perhaps a tour will follow? A new album (the band is still "technically signed" to DreamWorks)? Regardless, I'm thrilled to have these guys back - line-up change or not - because Remember the Future stands as a product of magnificent beauty and craftsmanship.
(242 Wythe Ave. Studio 6 Brooklyn, NY 11211)

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