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Prodigy | review | book | Lollipop


By Martin James (Sanctuary)
by Lex Marburger

Prodigy rock! I mean, they really fuckin' rock! I mean, really! No, listen, man! When they were x-ed out ravers, they rocked! And then when they shaved their heads & started shouting a lot, they rocked! And then they got hyped by the media, and that song started playing everywhere, and they rocked! And then they made that video, and they rocked! Then there was that time when they took more than 10 years to make an album, when nobody cared about them anymore, and they rocked! And then some English pansy wrote a book about them, and they fuckin' rocked!
They just rock, yeah?
(32-36 Telford Way, London W3 7XS UK)

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