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Ozzy Osbourne | The Story of The Ozzy Osbourne Band | review | book | Lollipop

Ozzy Osbourne

The Story of The Ozzy Osbourne Band
By Garry Sharpe-Young
(Rock Detector/Cherry Red) 352 pgs

by Martin Popoff

This is a story that had to be told and down-under insider Garry Sharpe Young is the man to tell it. He puts all his meticulous, er, detective work to task, finding all manner of Ozzy sideman and facilitator to tell the story of the grunt work that really went into making Ozzy Osbourne the crack band it is (yes, band). It's fascinating, the parade of drummers, guitarists, and bassists that have contributed to the legend, with Bob Daisley standing far and above as the most important unsung hero, penning most of the man's classic lyrics, playing bass, contributing to the music. I mean, just the dozens of rarely-reported trivia points on Sabbath alone are worth the price of this book, an action-packed tome that actually ends around the 200 page mark, the back half comprising exhaustive discography info for Ozzy as well as for all these "sidemen."

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