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White Line Fever: A Warts and All Autobiography
By Lemmy with Janiss Garza
(Simon & Schuster) 306 pgs

by Martin Popoff

After hearing Lemmy complain about the process of (and delays in) making this book over the years, it's good to see it finally emerge. The end result is casual, fleeting, and quite lazy, even while a fun, quick read, with much jocular reminiscing and trivia notes galore. Essentially, the book is one long, detailed, first-hand recital of Lemmy's life story, nearly double-spaced, doable in 180 pages tops. But Lemmy is a prime raconteur, and his exploits are even more shocking than imagined. There are two color photo sections with lots of rarely-seen material, the perfect addition to what is, in essence, the best interview Lemmy ever gave.

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