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A Static Lullaby | Don't Forget to Breathe | review | hardcore | Lollipop

A Static Lullaby

And Don't Forget to Breathe (Ferret)
by Adrian Bromley

A Static Lullaby is emotional hardcore in its most visceral, purest form. Not only does the band deliver the goods on their Ferret Records debut, they set the bar for bands of this ilk to follow. Passionate vocals, dueling guitars, and a wide-assortment of sounds/styles criss-crossing through as the album plays on. Track after track, A Static Lullaby are in top form, never slowing down to give the listener a chance to catch their breath (get it?). People say that in this day and age, it's hard to find many bands who're pushing the genre - as many out there continue to rehash it all - but look no further than A Static Lullaby. They are in a world of their own.
(47 Wayne St #3 Jersey City, NJ 07302)  

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