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Angry Amputees | Slut Bom | review | punk | rock | Lollipop

Angry Amputees

Slut Bomb (Dead Teenager)
by Craig Regala

Good ol' new Fat/Lookout! pop punk-rock with strong female vocals, some tunes, a clean, clear Jack Endino recording, and a good idea of dynamics. Yeah, nothing new, but so? Really, nothing ever is... ask Socrates. Somewhere between a less punk-as-punk Distillers, The Rotten Apples, a bit of old No Doubt, and any decent band you could compare to Green Day. Spiritual foremothers: The first Joan Jett and Holly and the Italian records. Lollipop suggested covers to get the next disc over 33 minutes: Quorthon's "I Want Out," and Harvey Milk's "Get It Up & Get It On." Oh, and a Pegboy song. Dunno which one though, they can pick it.
(1501 First Ave North B Seattle, WA 98109)


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