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40 Grit | Nothing To Remember | review | metal | Lollipop

40 Grit

Nothing To Remember (Metal Blade)
by Scott Hefflon

People used to get 40 Grit and Disturbed confused a lot, and 40 Grit, unfortunately, never really got the credit they deserved. Warner Bros. pushing Disturbed on soundtracks and WWE comps is a hard thing to compete with, ya know? While 40 Grit's played with Skinlab, Nothingface, Meshuggah, Machine Head, and Soulfly, they have more in common with Soil and some of the better nü metal bands who crush with guitar power, but also know how to back it off and sing... Harmonies and overlapping rounds and repetitions of key phrases give 40 Grit a real edge: The power of metal, but the song structure and catchy choruses of, say, Foo Fighters. Imagine the bump'n'grind of nü metal groove with the rich, powerful, manly belt-it-out of rock. Yeah, thundering music, but with melodies you can sing along to. Not as dumbed down as most groove-oriented/hardcore-based nü metal, not as dense and thrashy as European metal (using some interesting Meshuggah chords, but not the stuttering time-changes), 40 Grit position themselves as one of the shining hopes of nü metal, melodic and powerful, without being shouting neanderthals.
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