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Mic Stand | issue 4 | review | zine | Lollipop

Mic Stand

Issue #4 $2 (I think, it's free in and around Boston)

by Scott Hefflon

Mic Stand formed from the remains of Instant, a NorthEast freebie that had a good run in the late '90s. By the end, Instant had a glossy cover, bleached newsprint interior, came out bi-monthly, and covered national and local bands. Seeing as that's what Lollipop used to do, some mighta considered that competition, but vision and specifics were (mostly) individualized enough so there was as little bitching as possible, given proud, headstrong "leaders" on both sides and overlapping freelancers just looking to get their shit published. Mic Stand picks up where Instant left off, yet does things their own way, covering more metal than Instant did. Mudvayne and Slayer have graced the covers, but #4 takes a twist and features Dredg, a pretty outstanding band along the lines of Muse, Ours and, ya know, "dynamic, passionate rock" like Jeff Buckley, early U2, maybe less-hard rock Soundgarden. The issue also features Kay Hanley, Neurotica, The Color Red, In Flames, The Apex Theory, Hatebreed, Lost Pilot, Sparta, Sick Of It All, and Poverty. Added perks are an interview with a local hottie photographer and Sleazegrinder's ranting about metal, stoner rock, porn, and everything else in that shaggy head of his. It's a pretty new mag, still trying to figure out how to layout without looking like shit, but the passion is there, and the rest can be learned. Ad trades with Lollipop, Varla, and Wonka Vision show that Editor/Publisher Matt Peterson understands there are other underground zines, just like there are a lot of underground bands, and that bickering and pretending you invented the written word is pretty stupid. They do things their own way, as we all do, but they "get" that we all go through a lot of the same shit, so we might as well be somewhat friendly to each other. A good new mag with their heads and hearts in the right place.
(PO Box 720 Scarborough, ME 04070)


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