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Pickle Party

by Chad Van Wagner

Most e-cards (online versions of postcards) are sappy and irritating. So when one goes to Pickle Party and sees one of these e-cards titled "You're Gay and We Know It," well...

Yes, it's for adults only, and some of the cards can be quite explicit (well, as explicit as ultra-simple Flash animation gets). Obviously, the casual browser can send these things to anyone they wish, but they're simply amusing to just go through as pure entertainment, no recipient required.

They're divided up into assorted categories ("race," "sex," etc.) so you can figure what's the most (least?) appropriate before you send. And if one is truly over-the-top offensive, it's labeled as such (although if you're browsing this site in the first place, why would that bother you?). And they're not all necessarily joking: You can send a "Fuck You, I'm Leaving" one, should the occasion warrant. Just the thing to send Mom on her birthday.

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