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The Unseen

Complete Singles Collection (Punk Core)
by Duke Crevanator

Ah, this CD brings back the memories... Well, they're actually hazy recollections from drunken parties at apartments in Allston, shows at the Rat, and I vaguely remember something occurring in Dover, New Hampshire. Anyway, Complete Singles Collection is exactly what the title states (along with a couple of unreleased tracks). Normally, the whole street punk thing is not up my alley. I'm a card-carrying member of the party that states punk is better when politics are kept to a minimum (i.e., Ramones, Meatmen, Real Kids, etc.). However, I do love The Unseen for a couple reasons. First, they're definitely talented and they bust their asses to get better. Second, they're all great fucking guys. They've helped out many bands over the years with nothing to gain themselves. They don't just spout the D.I.Y. credo, they truly live it. The songs on this collection, despite the humble tone the band takes in the liner notes, can stand proudly with any of their newer material. Dirty, fast, loud, opinionated punk rock is what this release delivers, and I love it. My wife still gets pissed at the memory of Paul puking Twizzlers and Mountain Dew all over her Oriental rug after drinking all afternoon back in 1995, but no band is perfect, after all.
(PO Box 916 Middle Island, NY 11953)

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