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Reunion Show | Kill Your Television | review | alternative | punk | Lollipop

The Reunion Show

Kill Your Television (Victory)
by Emily Joyce

The Reunion Show has a pop rock contemporary sound. Kill Your TV definitely categorizes them as catchy, pop rock fun, in the vein of of Ultimate Fakebook and Midtown. Their sweetly crafted, poppy songs are backed by dueling vocals combined with a slightly new wave sound, due to vintage Moog organs, creating a definite Elvis Costello feel. Also fueled by strong, deep vocals, heavy drums and organ sweetness, The Reunion Show brings a flesh sound to the listener. The band members are avid lovers of the retro sound and critics of themselves, as they declare in "New Rock Revolution": "we are rebels with no yell, we are idols in our prime of nothingness." The tracks on this CD express everything from playfulness ("Stuck on You"), to love and depression ("Dedication"). Kill Your TV contains drum and organ solos, choruses full of ooos and heys, and is definitely made to bob your head and sway your hips to.
(346 N. Justine St., Ste. 504, Chicago, IL 60607)

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