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Slick Idiot | DickNity | review | electro | Lollipop

Slick Idiot

Dick Nity (Cleopatra)
by Wa

Slick Idiot is the new vessel of ex-KMFDM members En Esch and Guenter Schulz. Dick Nity displays the nearly-perfect mixing and mastering production we've come to expect from Schulz and Esch. Artistically, they've peeked and poked around areas previously unexplored within the confines of KMFDM. On Dick Nity, everything is fair game: Industrial/dance, trance, and hip hop. While this is a more mature record, KMFDM faithful have nothing to fear. Each sonic experiment seamlessly blends with their industrial roots.

Dick Nity opens with the adrenalized sonic assault "It Won't Do," an instant classic that will have guitar players around the world downloading guitar tab. Guenter continues to show performance and composition mastery of six-string and bass guitars on every consecutive track. The first indication that this is not an ordinary record is the hop-hopped dance track, "Lazy." DJ ROCKSTeADY provides creative scratching, while new female industrial diva TR2 backs the crew with response to Esch's call.

Instrumental performances are excellent. A good example is the introduction of "Merci Beaucoup." The acoustic guitar opens tentatively and allows for a quirky trip-hop song that makes imaginative use of the phrase "thank you" in French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. This is also the first track on the album that showcases the vocal talents of siren Michelle Boback.

Dick Nity is comprised of 11 original songs including a remix of "Xcess" by Christoph "Doom" Schnieder, percussionist for Rammstein. The "Xcess" remix makes interesting use of the signature rhythm guitar line weaving among wide, sweeping, programmed and arpeggiated delusions. The remix is thinner, but just as interesting as the original. All in all, it's a great album for the collection of any Gothic/industrial connoisseur. Expect what you're used to receiving from these guys, and also get a glimpse of a new direction that'll probably be expounded upon with future releases.
(13428 Maxella Ave #251 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292)


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