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Satanic Slaughter | Banished to the Underworld | review | metal | Lollipop

Satanic Slaughter

Banished to the Underworld (Black Sun)
by Scott Hefflon

Take-no-prisoners old-school black necro death metal. Snarling production (Sweden, what do you expect?), fast-paced drumming (blastbeat black and galloping thrash), and a mix of flutter-picked black shred and "catchy" thrash riffs (think Kreator skip-and-tumble pull-offs) make Satanic Slaughter a feast of metal mayhem. Having pulled out of the nosedive that was Necropolis, Satanic Slaughter return to Black Sun (who I believe helped discover At The Gates and The Crown), and while they've lost a few members to Witchery (as good a reference as any for the thrashy stuff), SS is bringin' it back old-school style, so hide your daughters and farm animals!

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