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Rocket From The Crypt | Live From Camp X Ray | review | rock | Lollipop

Rocket From The Crypt

Live From Camp X-Ray (Vagrant)
by Craig Regala

At first, I thought this was live... But no, it's not. If it were, it'd be a bummer because these guys have a catalogue as long and thick as an elephant's dick and they need to release a live double CD. If you're a Rocket From The Crypt fan , buy it, it won't dissapoint. If you want a rock and roll record drawing on all kindsa snappy stuff from the Dictators, to MC5, to Springsteen, to U.S. punk, to garage rock, to cool indie stroke saddle-up, this thing's ready to take you for a ride. The tunes are strong, the horns punch in out and up, and fuck me if you haven't felt the same distain and desire as these bozos. Jesus, I wish there was a band this good in Columbus, OH. Need a one liner? "The link between The Saints/J. Geils late '70s and The Hives/QOTSA now." Throw it on one side of a C90 with Mudhoney's Translucent on the other, then go on a date. If she doesn't leave in 10 minutes, say hello to the new wife!
(2118 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403)


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