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Planet X | MoonBabies | review | metal | Lollipop

Planet X

MoonBabies (InsideOut)
by Vinnie Apicella

Planet X is Derek Sherinian's quest to develop a solid, working band built for longevity rather than an intermittent offshoot with a didgy work history. MoonBabies is their second studio release and features guitarrist Tony Macalpine and drummer Virgil Donati. Less metal than one might expect, MoonBabies ventures deep into the night with a lush landscape of sounds that incorporate a mile mixture of prog rock, jazz, and New Age in an exemplary instrumental soundtrack that needs no narration. Generally of a gentle tone, there do lie unexpectedly forceful guitar runs and drum rolls to make for an extra yard of listening challenge amidst an otherwise smooth structural terrain. Opening with "MoonBabies," we're immediately lifted to the center of a mountain and invited to ascent its summit. "Ataraxia" employs a more spiritual mechanism before edgy guitar riffing and bewildering keyboard work initiates liftoff for one of the more climactic and difficult-to-reach titles. MoonBabies brings a touch of interstellar madness to Planet X's respective fingertips, making for a more serious-minded effort geared up for a far-sighted journey.
(1601 Banksville Road, 2nd fl., Pittsburgh, PA 15216)

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