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Pissing Razors | Live in the Devils Triangle | review | metal | Lollipop

Pissing Razors

Live in the Devil's Triangle (Spitfire)
by Scott Hefflon

Pissing Razors are from Texas, they sound a lot like Sepultura (Pantera, Skinlab, and Machine Head, if you wanna go with the bio's selling points), and this, their fourth record, is a live album. From there, we get into the subjective, which is it sounds immaculate (that's often all nü metal has going for it), it's got some killer breakdowns and stomping rhythms (the kinda stuff that often drives one or two notes deep into the ground by repeating them all dramatic), but has the good sense to also offer up a few tasty riffs that show the guitarist does realize there are more notes possible on a guitar than a tuned-down D chug. Nothing that'll stick with you afterwards, nothing you'll feel compelled to learn and play for your friends, but the interchangable chugs create motion on the floor, be it mindless headbanging, side to side sway, or slampit mayhem, and if that's all you want from your metal, well, here's plenty of grrr for you to snarl to.


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