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Genuine American Monster (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

In 1997, Wrecked was released on Wax Trax!. It was the last domestic PIG release up until now. After over five years of silence (with the exception of appearances on KMFDM albums), PIG returns with Genuine American Monster. This is an album that lives up to the legacy PIG has maintained for well over a decade, making music that ranges from classical samples, worldly beats, metal guitars, and good old industrial in-your-face music. "Prayer, Praise & Profit" starts things off with a slow build-up until it hits you from all directions, and then quiets back down. "Riot, Religion & Righteousness" is intriguing simply because the guitar work is done by ex-KMFDM guitarist Gunter Schulz. It's a definite highlight because of how smooth and aggressive his distinct guitar style is. The rest of Genuine American Monster takes you through the many styles of music Raymond Watts explores. Another notable track is "Whore," which I think is loosely based around song and album titles throughout PIG's history. Nearing the end of the album, Metropolis was kind enough to add the bonus track "Saved (Locust Remix)" from the Prime Evil EP.
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