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Panic In Detroit

Panic In Detroit (Silverthree)
by Tim Den

With only five songs tucked beneath its belt, Panic In Detroit kicks open the swinging doors of Saloon Rock and takes on all of the underaged emo wusses in the joint... and wins. Wielding ass pants-tight guitar harmonies in one hand, bombastic grooves in the other, and chewing a heaping dose of pure pop bliss in its jaws, this group of young Texans (contrary to the band name) makes one helluva debut on this EP. What's even more impressive is the fact that guitarist/vocalist Ryan Chavez forgoes the whole "yelping/whining" business for complete over-the-top rock vocal delivery... complete with screams, soaring melodies, and falsetto-at-the-drop-of-a-hat flexibility. Combine all of the above, and you've got not only a powerfully rockin' entity, but one that's tight and intricate enough to please fans of Shiner and Burning Airlines.
(PO Box 3621 Fairfax, VA 22038)

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