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Icecake | review | ambient | electro | Lollipop


by Lex Marburger

Ambient, loop-based, "spacy",,, Well, yes, Icecake is all of that. And well-done, I should say. Bass predominates the rhythm-less backing tracks, while delay pedals are sent out to create melodic patterns to emulate the days when delay effects were novel and new... OK, that might be unfair, because Icecake (Mr. Robert Kaminek) doesn't really clobber us over the head with all the hippie special effects. Rightly so, he calls his debut album ...An Ambient Experience, if for no other reason than it gives lazy fucks like us the excuse not to come up with descriptions of the album. You get the picture. It's a clean-sounding album (forgiving the hard clip-ping when his computer couldn't handle the volume swells on "Fountains"), and Icecake did his Eno research well (that's Green Mind Eno, by the way). Almost melodic, mostly harmonic, the repeating patterns not intruding so much as nudging, great to get stoned to, or for a Sunday morning drive, after a long night of making your parents worried.
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