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The Vandals

Oi To The World! Live in Concert (Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

The back of the DVD says it best: "Once a year, The Vandals get together in their home town to to perform songs from their most special of releases, Oi to the World! It's only once, and it's only in L.A.. Now, for the first time ever, Kung Fu Films presents a high-quality, 5-camera concert video."

My review for the CD stated that "Oi to the World! opens with gunfire and ends with a suicide, as all good Christmas records should." This one goes ass-backwards (as The Vandals often do), opening with "Hang Myself from the Tree" and closing with the non-Christmas hit, "I Have a Date." Read into that as much as you like.

OK, so the tuxedo-clad goofs don't play only their hilarious carols ("Gun 4 Christmas," "Grandpa's Last Christmas," "My First Christmas as a Woman," and "Xmas Time for my Penis," among others), they also work in their crowd-pleasers "It's a Fact," "Behind the Music," "My Girlfriend's Dead," "People That Are Going to Hell," "Live Fast Diarrhea," and "I Know, Huh."

Also contained are trailers for That Darn Punk, Selwyn's Nuts, Fear of a Punk Planet, and Ozma's music video. And a real "treat," is the audio commentary where the band narrarates every fuckin' move and gesture. Joy, indeed!
(PO Box 38009 Hollywood, CA 90038)

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