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Secret Weapons of Kung Fu | review | punk | dvd | compilation | Lollipop

Secret Weapons of Kung Fu

(Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

Pretty straight-up... It's a DVD sampler of a variety of videos by Kung Fu bands: Audio Karate ("Nintendo 89"), The Ataris ("Teenage Riot," "Summer Wind was Always Our Song," "SDHS Football Rules," and "Make it Last"), No Use For A Name ("This Ain't No Way to Live"), Ozma ("Domino Effect" and "Korobeiniki"), The Vandals ("It's A Fact" "I Have a Date," "My Girlfriend's Dead" [the animated version, which rules!], "Behind the Music" live, and "Pizza Train"), Antifreeze ("Ordinary"), Assorted Jelly Beans ("No Time"), Mi6 ("Jeff Brown"), and Useless I.D. ("No Time for Me to Be a Teenager").

Extras include spots for That Darn Punk, Selwyn Nuts, and Fear of a Punk Planet as well as commentary by Antifreeze, Audio Karate, and The Vandals.
(PO Box 38009 Hollywood, CA 90038)

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