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A Fusion of Film and Electronic Music (Moonshine)
Mixmaster: Episode Three (Moonshine)
by Lex Marburger

Well, at least there's something to watch while my mind is getting numbed by thumpa-thumpa. Yes, kids! Now, you too can simulate a Real Club Experience, right at home! Drop some E, push the furniture over to one side, and pop in the new Moonshine DVDs! Wow! It's like... it's like...

It's like, one tedium after another... I can't tell which is worse, that RECreate: A Fusion of Film and Electronic Music is nothing but "progressive trance and house music" for over an hour while computer graphics, based somewhat on fractal patterns, spin around on the screen, or that Mixmasters: Episode Three has a wider mix of music ("electro, chill out, drum & bass, and trance") but with graphics like a mix of a bad high school senior's video art projects, and those laughable CG fantasy environments that porn directors like to use when they're feeling "arty" (perhaps not coincidentally, one such mix is based around a computer rendering of a naked woman). The random visuals are just the thing for drug-addled minds to spend hours looking for patterns, trying to create a storyline in all the chaos. But there is none.

Let's face it, the music's not interesting enough without the visuals, the visuals aren't interesting enough without the music, and the combination of the two isn't interesting enough to watch more than once. Those doing the Neutron Dance: DMX Krew & Vivian Wu, Wayward Soul & V-CR, Pearle & Stan Mytkowski ( Chenko ), Allen TG & Nuroptics and Psi-Borg, Quantic & VJ Kriel, Tim ‘Love' Lee & World Salad and Vivid, Astroglyde vs Naiki & Tini Tun, Lush, Exotic Robotics, Daniel Andre, Slex-Slinc, Basilica, Bionic Dots, David James, Benton-C, Tarrentella, Salt Tank, Madame Chao, Darshan M. Lopez, Solaris/Vidlux, and Film Palast.
(8525 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069)

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