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Drive Like Jehu | Yank Crime | review | rock | Lollipop

Drive Like Jehu

Yank Crime (Swami)
by Craig Regala

Glad to see this one reished. Man, it's been nine years since it came out on Interscope. Look at these guys as a stripped-down rock band working the drilling bite of the harder, artier punk bands into a punch that played well with hardcore units, while avoiding the tag themselves. The singer has the plain-spoken, energetic personality of a Dischord-bred indie rock guy (read: no insult), the band has the power of say, Lifetime-era Rollins, replacing Hank's bombastic hard rock touches with cascades of guitar spill lifted from Wire, Mission Of Burma, and Sonic Youth, then lent to Trail Of Dead. These guys pulled off a tough job, to make dramatic and emotionally-engaging rock without a buncha telegraphed hooks, flashly what-not, stylistic pimping or preening/melodramatic singing, all while avoiding the beat-to-death bar punk and rock blues-voiced grunt.

I've had a cassette of this for the past decade and am glad to replace its stretched and worn tape with not only the disc itself, but three bonus tracks. The notes state those as being the Merge 7" and the original version of "Sinews." I didn't know there was a 7" on Merge, but it makes sense. I was even going to mention one of Merge's forefathers, Honor Role, as having been in the woodpile somehow in the Drive Like Jehu's family tree. So there, I did. This is recommended for pur-chase; it's aged gracefully and it's Pettibonesque cover would look mighty fine tattooed on your ass.
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