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Daycare Swindlers | Heathen Radio | review | punk | Lollipop

Daycare Swindlers

Heathen Radio (Go-Kart)
by Duke Crevanator

Certain things about bands prejudice me long before I ever listen to a note. In this case, there were two things. First off, the name. While consuming my requisite six-pack before even thinking of writing a word, I perused Go-Kart's press release. "Daycare Swindlers?" I thought. I got suspicous, then angry. The name sounds too familiar to Dayglo Abortions, one of my top three favorite bands. That was strike one. Then I read this nugget from the press release: "Rooted firmly in a classic DC hardcore background, their music has also touched on ska, rockabilly, street-punk, surf... you name it." That was strike two. I finally got around to listening to the CD around beer #9. Although they didn't hit a home run, I'd say a standing triple is a fair assessment. These guys are definitely talented. You can feel the DC hardcore roots, and the press kit didn't lie when it mentioned their other influences. Daycare Swindlers have an excellent rhythm section, with super-fast beats, and are really tight. The guitar player kicks ass, and the singer keeps up with the hectic pace perfectly. This CD made me really want to see these guys live, which is the whole point, right? As soon as they come to Boston (how about New Hampshire, guys?), I'll be there.
(PO Box 20 Prince St. Sta. New York, NY 10012)  

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