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David Singer & The Sweet Science

Civil Wars (Deep Elm)
by Tim Den

D avid Singer has grown exponentially since his debut, The Cost of Living. He acquired a band (The Sweet Science, duh), hired a crapload of outside musicians (to flesh out the band even more), and - most importantly - wrote a batch of songs that far surpasses any of his previous work. Whereas The Cost of Living had as many off-key vocals and sour arrangements as it did gems, Civil Wars' Lennon-esque (both John and Sean, surprisingly) reflective pop practically cuddles your heart with balanced tenderness and melodic bullseye. Flowin' major-to-minor resolutions, Elton John/Ben Folds piano tear jerkers... a fine collection of misty morning tunes, indeed.
(PO Box 36939 Charlotte, NC 28236)

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