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Dasein (Fearless)
by Scott Hefflon

Fearless finally gets back in the game and releases a genre-stretching band that matters. After countless knock-offs of cute lil' emopunk yelp shit, they finally regain some footing as the label who discovered At The Drive-In. While Brazil is pretty obviously inspired by ATDI, it's better than being yet another mop-top bunch of sissyboys inspired by knock-off Drive-Thru bands. I'll take "fuckin' wow!" music where I can get it, and this six-song EP's got it in spades. Delicate piano, spoken word vs. howling vocals, arty arrangments vs. thrusting pure rock, these six songs will put you through the paces, leaving you breathless and wanting more. The near-six-minute closer, "It Keeps the Machine Running," combines noise and melody, ATDI and the few things I liked about Jane's Addiction, and scatters it over a slamming breakdown, sprinkles it across sparce and airy interludes, and is worth the price of the EP alone, just to show your friends that young new bands can still be inventive and passionate and not just pose for photoshoots.
(13772 Goldenwest Ave. #545 Westminster, CA 92683)


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