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Beyond The Sixth Seal | Earth and Sphere | review | metal | Lollipop

Beyond The Sixth Seal

Earth and Sphere (Lifeforce)
by Adrian Bromley

After some problems, Boston's Beyond the Sixth Seal's lineup is intact and Earth and Sphere is out. Thank God, cuz it would've been a waste had the band's European-flavored metal/hardcore not been released. Yes, it's that good, folks. Earth and Sphere is an album that truly radiates an aura of power, adrenaline, and talent, thanks in large part to the work of producer Kurt Ballou (In Pieces, Converge) and the dedication of the band to get the best they could out of each other in the studio. From the opening of "Medusan" to the rhythmic stride of "Awaken" and the ferocious ways of "The Birthing Apparatus," Earth and Sphere never lets the listener go as the band parades triumphantly through an array of material that is so damned good you'll be telling your mom about it. Great stuff!

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