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Bella Morte | The Quiet | review | goth | electro | Lollipop

Bella Morte

The Quiet (Metropolis)
by Wa

The Quiet, an interesting hybrid of Goth, synthpop, punk, and dark wave, is the third full-length from Charlottesville, Virginia's Bella Morte. It's an introspective, intimate album probing those delicate spaces in the heart. Loss, longing, anxiety, and fear... all are explored and embraced on The Quiet.

The vocals of Andy Dean flow like sonic molasses over a guitar, bass, and inspired keyboard and synth foundation. Sweet and drawn out, each syllable seems treasured. Unfortunately, while the lyrics of The Quiet are often poetic, evoking an abstract sense of emotion, they often lose much of their initial punch from a lack of rhythmic definition that diminishes their memorability. Even after a few listens, it's difficult to recall a single vocal progression.

"Logic," "Echoes," "Hope Again," "Always," and the title track are the album's most compelling songs. After a few more listens, new avenues are revealed, and after a hundred listens, I can easily envision this becoming a favorite in the collection of any discriminating Goth fan.

While remaining primarily a true Goth band, forays into punk on "Living Dead" and "Christina" provide interesting side dishes, expanding the musical palette. Gopal Metro and Andy Deane do a masterful job of programming. Each synth phrase adds tasteful depth to an ever-expanding canvas of sound. Refreshing keyboard introductions and voiding can be found in tracks like "Echoes," "Whispers," "Ember," and "Wires." The Quiet is an excellent introduction to the strengths of Bella Morte. Stirring, romantic, and reminiscent of the classic '80s feel, yet carefully avoiding the most common cliches.
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