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Against Tomorrows Sky | Jump the Hedges First | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Against Tomorrow's Sky

Jump the Hedges First (Universal Warning)
by Emily Joyce

Against Tomorrow's Sky is a four-piece with a harder edge than the typically-described emo genre they're placed in, a more sweetly-crafted modern rock sound, dueling vocalists, and pianists. Jeff Fuller and Mike Stephens do write about the same typical subject matter: Unrequited crushes, lost loves, and tragedy. Each song begins with an easy pop rock intro - think the softer side of Blink-182 - followed by a slow then hard delivery of emotion. What saves them is their strangely poetic and touching lyrics, as in "Throwing Broken Shapes," "Such a sad attempt, at time well spent, all love letters sent, to no one nowhere postage due." Fuller and Stephens successfully delivering these words with strong melody, quick harmonies combined with steady riffs, and easy beats.
(733 Lake Drive Douglassville, PA 19518)


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