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Zao | Parade of Chaos | review | hardcore | Lollipop


A Parade of Chaos (Solid State)
by Adrian Bromley

Truly one of the strangest, yet most captivating listens of 2002. On one side, you have a chaotic frenzy of noisecore-meets-death metal angst spewing forth, and on the other side, a passionate, Catholic mindset fueling rock'n'roll intensity. A strange brew indeed, but for some reason (perhaps a higher power?), the ideas gel with a passionate, hypnotic sway. Zao have always stuck to their guns and made the most of each album. Abrasive, yet poignant, Zao do wonders with Parade of Chaos, which is sadly their last album as a band.
(PO Box 12698 Seattle, WA 98111)  

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