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We Dont Need Society | Tribute to DRI | review | punk | compilation | Lollipop

We Don't Need Society

A Tribute to D.R.I. (Malt Soda)
by Tim Den

Jesus, now was this really necessary? I own all the D.R.I. records (except that last Full Speed Ahead travesty, three songs from which are covered here. Why!? Oh why!?) as all good punkers should, but I certainly don't need 37 cover versions of gurgled nonsense. Okay, some are better than others (Capitalist Casualties' "Dennis's Problem," The Fartz's unintentionally school kid-sounding "Coffin" [hilarious], Bloodred Bacteria's grindcore "No Sense," Sappy Bell's faithful "Tone Deaf," 40 Grit's nü metal take on "Nursing Home Blues," Resort To Distort's old school 7"-sounding "Slumlord"), but for the most part these (mostly) unknowns just butcher the crap out of the classics. Electric Frankenstein and Zero Bullshit's singers can't even sing in time with the band! And if you're thinking about picking this up for Mr. Bungle's live version of "I Don't Need Society," you're better off downloading an mp3 of a minidisc recording. It'd still sound better than the nonexistant junk on this thing. More useless tributes from: The Mirrormen, Ratos De Porao, Deceased, Hollywood Hate, Very Metal, L'Amico Di Martucci, Reality's End, Mala Suerte, Deface, The Butcher, Mercury Legion, Milkman, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Crosstops, Retox, The North Side Kings, The Eight Bucks Experiment, Victory Flag, Holy Moses, The Strap-Ons, Total Fucking Destruction, The Bloodshot Hooligans, Crash, Shut The Fuck Up, Chopcore, The Jackalopes, MC Jesus.
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