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Songs From the Penalty Box | 5 | review | alternative | rock | compilation | Lollipop

Songs From the Penalty Box

5 (Tooth & Nail)
by Tim Den

The latest Songs From the Penalty Box proves that Tooth & Nail is home to the best entries in the "sentimental Dawson's Creek soundtrack" sweepstakes. Ace Troubleshooter could be the next ALL (since Pollen is no longer), Two Thirty Eight could fill in for Remy Zero, and Chris Carraba-era Further Seems Forever could've been the smart kid's emo... but that's not all! In between a whole bunch of other bands that fit into the emo punk category (though much better than their Drive-Thru and major label counter parts), we get Element 101's female-fronted Sense Field impersonation, Mortal's trance messabouts, Bon Voyage's New Order worship, The Undecided's melodic hardcore, Calibretto 13's Dead Kennedys/The Dead Milkmen/manic rockabilly, Dogwood's S&M Airlines-era NOFX tribute, and Furthermore's Biz Markie-meets-Eminem "melodic hip hop." Pick this up for the above-average emo punk or the oddities: It's a win-win combo. Others in the box: Bleach, Slick Shoes, Poor Old Lu, Hangnail, MxPx, Squad Five-O, Havalina, The Blamed, Side Walk Slam, Me Without You, Kutless, Too Bad Eugene, Fine China.
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