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Hearts Bleed Blue | 4 | review | alternative | rock | compilation | Lollipop

Hearts Bleed Blue

Sampler No. 4 (Deep Elm)
By Tim Den

The new class of Deep Elm-ers has big shoes to fill, but they are doing a bang-up job, thanks to the likes of brainy Red Animal War and sugary Brandtson. If you miss Starmarket's Scandinavian introspection, the new class' got Logh, (the magnificent) Last Days Of April, and This Beautiful Mess for ya. If you crave Pop Unknown's guitar pop swagger, Hearts Bleed Blue's got Benton Falls, Lewis, and Slowride to satiate that craving. Sure, The Appleseed Cast have deteriorated into a blurry nil, but that's only one minus in Deep Elm's sea of pluses. Hearts Bleed Blue: Sampler No. 4's a great place to get started, so be on your way, horn-rimmed lad! More: Desert City Soundtrack, Settlefish, Camber, David Singer & The Sweet Science, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Seven Storey.
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