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Tsunami Bomb | Ultimate Escape | review | punk | Lollipop

Tsunami Bomb

The Ultimate Escape (Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

Tsunami Bomb pull off the "chick-fronted punkpop band" well, considering they're coming in this late in the game, when bands like Tilt, Dance Hall Crashers, (early) No Doubt and, to a lesser extent, Lucky Strike and a few others have done it so immaculately. And now The Donnas, Sahara Hotnights, and a few Swede rock bands Americans haven't caught onto yet are breaking it open even more. Comparisons to Tilt are inevitable, so let's get that outta the way. Like Lucky Strike, Tsunami Bomb first appeared on Tomato Head, and basically were on their own promotion-wise. Luckily, Fastmusic scooped Lucky Strike just before they broke up, and Kung Fu grabbed Tsunami Bomb, who show no signs of calling it quits any time soon. Tsunami Bomb are a fun, active listen, and singer Agent M is a cutie, just in case you're curious, and what they lack in exceptional songwriting (or accidental genius) they compensate for with vibrancy, and the rest can be worked on, right? They're on a number of comps as well, so they're making up for lost time, getting the Good Word out, so listen up...
(PO Box 38009 Hollywood, CA 90038)  

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