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Quill | Voodoo Caravan | review | stoner | rock | Lollipop

The Quill

Voodoo Caravan (SPV)
by Craig Regala

Total classic into hard rock kick-ass. Whatever mid-tempo '70s Deep Purple via Monster Magnet rockers are out there, The Quill is for you. I'm one. This is what I wished the "hair metal"-era bands had been more like. I mean, Jesus, they came right after metal had solidified its base as a distinct thing. I suppose the "hair" thing wasn't really about the metal as much as the pop rock. A big part of the '80's reaction to the '70s was to tighten tunes down and reanimate/reformulate poppy danceable rock and roll. Too bad the bands were so compromised/self-compromised. Hell, Whitesnake could've been this good (plus, they had some catchier tunes), but then again, it takes big bucks to get those supermodels into bed, right David?

So this is it: Longish groove-saturated tunes with a killer singer, pretty good playing, and movement I'd imagine could be tagged as a '70's revival. Or maybe '70s-inspired as they use a hammer-down ethic to replace noodling nanciness with power chord stroke without losing the prog tinges that keep the songs interesting. No wonder these guys have knocked out a Maiden cover for one of the many tributes. There's no way they don't know a full set of Mountain/Uriah Heep/Lucifers Friend covers. In keeping with this month's compare & contrast theme, The Quill guys are to Scandinavian rock what Sixty Watt Shamen are to the Mid-Atlantic U.S.. Really, take into account the cultural difference. If you can find a flaw in this argument, you can buy me a drink, deal?


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