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Theory Of Ruin

Counter-Culture Nosebleed (Escape Artist)
by Tim Den

The man is back. I always knew Alex Newport - former guitarist/vocalist for psych-sludge-noise kings Fudge Tunnel; producer of such greats as At The Drive-In, Melvins, and Knapsack; half of Nailbomb - couldn't stay away for long. I knew he was itching to get his own thing going after sitting behind the board for so many talented bands. At last, Theory Of Ruin have arrived, fuckin' pissed off like The Jesus Lizard's ass being set on fire by a high school science teacher. Lopsided, skewed, painfully dissonant, and never dull. Counter-Culture Nosebleed is reviving the lost art of orgasmic noise metal; may the lost souls mourning AmRep look this way.
(PO Box 472 Downingtown, PA 19335)  

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