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Great Kat | Wagners War | review | metal | Lollipop

The Great Kat

Wagner's War (The Great Kat)
by Scott Hefflon

Man, ya gotta love The Great Kat. An absolute demoness shredder on both guitar and violin, plus screaming vox, blood-drenched and bursting-boobie photos. As "uncool" as it is, imagine Yngwie virtuosity, Cradle of Filth madness, and Troma-style gore campiness. Yeah, it becomes cool cuz it's so freakin' nuts. The bios are always filled with exclamation points, the mixture of heart-racing classical war anthems (think "Kill the Wabbit") mixed with "kick 'em in the face" post-9/11 anger (this record's theme), and just cuz the songs end abruptly and this seven-song EP is a mere 11 minutes, The Great Kat is a musical oddity you'd better know and respect, or she'll stomp your face in!


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