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The Gloryholes

Knock You Up (Empty)
by Grady Gadbow

I think Charles Bukouski was the first to call a pussy a Glory Hole. Now I'm listening to a band named after Bukouski's pussy and on the cover there're these barfly-looking pregnant women having beers and smokes and looking like, "The fuck you lookin' at?" Gosh, it's so sleazy and yet so silly.

The rock is sleazy in the regular leather'n'lipstick sort of way. Not the lipstick-on-a-dude sort of way either. By the way, this band has three dudes and two chicks, and I don't know anything about how much lipstick any of them wear and I don't care 'cause I say they sound sleazy.

Nobody is trying to blow your mind with instrumental innovation or anything, but the band as a whole is doing darn good rock with no funny business and sometimes that's what you need. Especially when there's a goofball singer. So there's some funny business, but it's funny ha ha, what with the wise-ass words and whatnot.

So, sleazy and silly are the themes here, okay? Anyway, this singer, Doug White is his name, is supposed to get real out-of-hand at shows and the album's got a real wild, live kind of feel. Tim Kerr produced it, and he likes everybody to get real riled up in the studio. There's a lot of shouting and whooping coming from all directions. I keep thinking of the cover art from New Bomb Turks Destroy Oh Boy with all the "Hey!" and "Yeah!" and "Go!" and shit flying out of the explosion in the middle. That was one hell of an album. The Gloryholes are kind of like that.
(PO Box 12034 Seattle, WA 98102)

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