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Gamits | Come Get Some | review | punk | Lollipop

The Gamits

Come Get Some (Not Bad)
by Scott Hefflon

Just a quick EP by one of the more underrated punkpop bands. Full-lengths on Suburban Home only get the word out so much, like how so many U.S. punkers seem to still not know how much Travolta rule. Come Get Some isn't the best The Gamits have done by a long shot, but seeing as it's a CD-release of the band's first 7" with live bonus tracks, that's so be expected. For die-hards only, though the band is highly recommended for anyone into peppy, melodic punk and tired of all the yelpying young 'uns who've based their "indentity" on punkpop bands like New Found Glory, Saves the Day, and MxPx, who're all third-rate to begin with. Check out The Gamits (in general) for unspoiled, unhyped, underappreciated melodic punk gems.
(PO Box 2014 Arvada, CO 80001)

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